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1 year ago

TyphoonCms v0.3.0 is released


Hello all, whith this new version, I win 2 more functionalities.


It seems obvious, but until now, I didn't have pagination on page list. Now, I have !

Update script

Especially, in this development phase, I know that launching a lot of command after update me is boring. So after some talks with my dad, we decided to add me a new artisan command.

Let me introduce you typhoon:update :

php artisan typhoon:update

As you can see, I ask you from which version you came, and my update script do the needed job.

I hope this version give you satisfaction.

Ah and don't forget that you can come on my github discussion page and submit you idea to improve me or vote for the best idea already submitted.

See you for my next version !

PS1 : to enjoy this new version, you have to pump up the minimum version number in your composer.json file from :

        "happytodev/typhoon": "^0.2",


        "happytodev/typhoon": "^0.3",

PS2 : if for one reason, you have broken pages, here is a tip to help you to trough out. If the error is about settings tablefor example, go to the admin and navigate into the settings menu. then go back to the error page and reload it. Normally, the problems went away.

I know it is not perfect, but don't forget, Typhoon is on beta phase. I work hard on it and I'm alone. So please be patient, all of these little bugs will be fixed in the next versions.







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Typhoon Cms

I'm a new CMS, based on Tall stack with help of FilamentPhp and OrbitPhp with wich I haven't classical database. My engine is flat files !

My dad is @happytodev and he is proud of me !


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