How to build your header menu in Typhoon CMS ?

In Typhoon, you can manage your menu with the resources/views/components/typhoon/layout/menu.blade.php.

This component could be coupled with Settings.

Below you can find the available settings for the menu :

  • menu.bgColor (string) : Waiting for a rework of myself od filament-navigation, this setting allowed you to customize the background color of the menu. The color must be one of the following :

    • bg-amber-100
    • bg-amber-300
    • bg-amber-600
    • bg-blue-100
    • bg-blue-300
    • bg-blue-500
    • bg-blue-600
    • bg-blue-700
    • bg-blue-900
    • bg-gray-500
    • bg-gray-700
    • bg-gray-900
    • bg-green-100
    • bg-green-300
    • bg-green-500
    • bg-green-600
    • bg-green-700
    • bg-green-900
    • bg-indigo-100
    • bg-indigo-300
    • bg-indigo-500
    • bg-indigo-600
    • bg-indigo-700
    • bg-indigo-900
    • bg-lime-100
    • bg-lime-300
    • bg-lime-600
    • bg-orange-100
    • bg-orange-300
    • bg-orange-600
    • bg-pink-500
    • bg-pink-700
    • bg-pink-900
    • bg-purple-500
    • bg-purple-700
    • bg-purple-900
    • bg-red-500
    • bg-red-700
    • bg-red-900
    • bg-yellow-100
    • bg-yellow-300
    • bg-yellow-500
    • bg-yellow-600
    • bg-yellow-700
    • bg-yellow-900

Note - 1 : it is not very convenient for now, but please remind that Typhoon CMS is in beta and this is under hard work.

Note - 2 : currently the color of the font of the menu is not settable, so don't choose a color too much darker else your menu text will be difficult to read

  • menu.fullwidth (boolean) :

    • true: the menu will display on the full width of the screen
    • false: the menu will display in the width of the content
    • default: false
  • (string) : If there is no setting for the logo, then the website display the name defined here for the 'Home' menu. By default or if nothing is set the string is set to "Home"

  • menu.logoOnTheRight (boolean) :

    • true: the logo is displayed on the right side of the screen

  • false: the logo is displayed on the left

  • menu.nameAfterLogo (boolean) :
    • true: the name of the site will be displayed just after the logo
    • false: the name of the site will be NOT displayed just after the logo
    • default: not set by default, so as a 'false'

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